Community First

Community First is a government-funded programme that will help deprived communities come together through new and existing community groups, to identify local priorities, plan for their future and become more resilient.

In North Tyneside, three wards have been allocated £33,000 of Neighbourhood Match Funding from the Community First project - Chirton, Wallsend and Collingwood. Panels of local volunteers have now been recruited in each ward and have created a list of priorities which form the area's Community Plan. Funding is available to groups and orgainsations that are based or carrying out work within the specified wards.


An evaluation report has recently been produced examining the impact of Community Frist funding distributed in the three wards of North Tyneside - Chirton, Wallsend and Collingwood. Download the report here - Community Funding Neighbourhood Matched Funding Project Evaluation.

About the Community Grant Pot

Projects that meet at least one of the wards' priorities (see below) will be able to apply for grants between £250 and £2,500. Please note, you must find match funding for 50% of the project cost. You can raise this amount in the following ways: volunteer time; gifts in kind; or cash donations. Please ensure you read the guidance carefully before applying.

Chirton Ward

Wallsend Ward

The Wallsend Ward Community First Panel have recently produced their Community Plan for 2013-15, this outlines the panel's priorities for funding and details of where Community First grants have so far been awarded. Download the plan here.

Collingwood Ward

Download the application guidance here.