Consultations and Surveys

NCVO recommendations on how charities can uphold their independence

NCVO has produced a draft code of good practice for lobbying and campaigning by charities looking at how charities should deal with the implications of staf of trustees having a personal involvement in politics. They are inviting views on the document. Read more and submit your views here.

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CVONNE needs your help to fill in their latest survey in the Surviving or Thriving series, tracking the state of the third sector in the North East since 2009.  As we move out of recession, are you seeing the green shoots of recovery from your organisation? Or are you cutting back staff and services? How are you and your beneficiaries coping with welfare reform changes?  Are you busier than ever?  Help VONNE paint an accurate picture of how the sector is coping in challenging times.

We need as many third sector organisations in the region to complete the survey, therefore please spread the word and pass this on.  You can access the survey by clicking on the link below, the survey has been kept as short as possible.

Completing this survey WILL make a difference. VONNE used the findings from previous surveys to lobby for additional funding including the Transition Fund and the Targeted Support fund.  They have also provided case studies and statistics to assist local MPs and raising the profile in the media to make the case for the sector in the North East. You can answer the survey anonymously. 

- See more at:;id=2126#sthash.t3HAfuL1.dpuf