North Tyneside Chief Officers' Forum

In November 2011, VODA established a Chief Officers' Forum for North Tyneside. We did this to bring together the Chief Officers of borough-wide voluntary and community organisations on a regular basis, so they could discuss shared issues, look at opportunities for joint working.

Most importantly, the Forum acts as a strong voice for voluntary and community organisations in the borough.


VODA's Chief Executive, Lisa Goodwin sits on the forum. Members of the Chief Officers' Forum receive NTSP Executive papers one week before the meeting, and have the opportunity to feed in any comments via Lisa.

The Forum meets a few days after each NTSP Executive meeting, so they can receive feedback from the meeting.

More information

If you would like any more information about the Forum or are a Chief Officer who would like to join, please contact our Chief Executive on 0191 643 2626.