Funding Advice

We can help you with all kinds of funding queries - from advising who to apply to if your group needs to raise money for new sporting equipment to helping with plans if your organisation is looking to undertake a large capital development. Our Funding Advisor can offer advice and guidance on:

  • Identifying your funding needs
  • Who to apply to for funding
  • Developing your funding applications
  • Planning your project and putting together a budget
  • Developing a long-term funding strategy for your group

Contact our Funding Advisor, Frank Gillender, to arrange an appointment or ask for advice.

Also in this section:

  • VODA Training: VODA's low-cost training programme contains a number of sessions on fundraising and finance
  • VODA Newsletters: the funding section of our newsletter details grants that are currently available and how to apply for them
  • Funding Resources: links to external websites that offer funding advice, resources and opportunities